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The 2020 Virtual Centropa Summer Academy

Since you can’t come to Vienna, we’ll bring Vienna to you

6-8 July, 2020

What does a Virtual CSA look like?

It has all of the elements of our classic Summer Academies, minus the close contact:

Speakers, cross-cultural exchanges, Centropa resources, tours of museums and historic sites, and teachers presentations. Scroll down for details.

We're offering 2 tracks for you:

Core Program:
6-8 July: webinars and self-directed learning

Daily 2 hour webinars, beginning at 8am PDT, 11am EDT, 5pm CET, and 6pm Israeli time

Partner with a teacher from another country to develop a cross-cultural project for your students, with an opportunity to win a trip to next year’s Centropa Summer Academy!

Border Jumping Program:

July 2-17, including the Core Program



Paul Miller

Associate Professor of History,
McDaniel College

Foto Terezina Barac.JPG

Terezina Barac

Guide, Mauthausen Memorial Education's Team


Elizabeth Anthony

Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum



Edward Serotta

Founder and Director, Centropa

Join us for this unique professional development experience with two tracks:

The Core Virtual CSA - Program schedule

(scroll down for Border Jumping Program schedule)

Monday, July 6 - Introduction/Vienna’s Golden Age

17:00 CET

Welcome by Edward Serotta, general introduction to Centropa and a preview of our CSA website, a great new site devoted to Vienna and its Jews. You’ll find links to films, essays as well as lesson plans and ideas from teachers throughout our network. 

17:45 CET

Historical lecture by Dr Paul Miller. Paul will begin with describing Vienna in the 1900s and will then lead into the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and the origins of the First World War. Teachers can write their questions to the chat window, and they will be answered at the end of the lecture.

18:30 CET

We then screen a three-minute film, narrated by Morley Safer: Jewish Soldiers in the Austro-Hungarian Army. At the end of this film, Morley tells us, “It’s not that the Jews were royalists. It’s just that they felt what came after it would be so much worse. And as we all know, they were right.”

18:40 CET

Brittany Brown of Greensboro, North Carolina, will share with you two of her successful cross-cultural projects, in one of which her students learn about and reflect on issues of social justice movements.

18:55 CET

Conclusion of the day; preparation for Day Two.

Tuesday, July 7 - Vienna: the destruction of a Jewish community

17:00 CET

Welcome remarks and brief historical introduction: Less than a hundred years ago, nearly 200,000 Jews lived in Austria, most of whom were in Vienna. Then came 1938 and their descent into hell. Today we’re going to learn about this community on the eve of its destruction and we’ll offer you resources that will add to your own knowledge base as well as provide you with tools to use in your classrooms.

17:15 CET

We introduce Centropa resources on Jewish Vienna that you can use in your classrooms:




- Edward Serotta and Lauren Granite, Centropa's U.S. education director, will introduce the Centropa's Vienna Jewish Sourcebook, second edition. We will  provide links to several chapters you can use in class.

17:40 CET

Terezina Barac, a member of Mauthausen Memorial´s Education team, will speak for 20 minutes about the role of Mauthausen concentration camp during the Holocaust, and about the education programs for 21st century students at Mauthausen Memorial. Followed by 10 min Q&A.

18:20 CET

Presentation of Lowell Blackman of Lod, Israel, on how he uses Centropa’s film about Leo Luster, The Past is Another Country, in his classroom. We will also show a few minutes from the film.

18:50 CET

Conclusion of the day; preparation for Day Three.

Wednesday, July 8  - Austria after 1945 & best practice projects by Centropa teachers and students

17:00 CET

We will start Day 3 with a brief discussion of Austria’s postwar battle with the truth and what it’s like to be Jewish in Austria today. Elizabeth Anthony (Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) will speak about those Jews who returned to Vienna after the Holocaust, what motivated them, what they expected, and then what they encountered -- and why they stayed nonetheless in Austria. 

17:25 CET

​Centropa staff will introduce the teachers who will present their best-practice projects: 

17:30 CET

Sinisa Vukadinovic from the Serbian capital of Belgrade will speak about how he uses Three Promises, a film set right in his neighborhood. This film, selected to be shown in six international film festivals, “is like a valentine to a lost Sephardic world, but doesn’t shy away from the horrors that destroyed that world,” wrote Lilith Magazine.

17:45 CET

Liz Good of Charleston, SC, will present two lessons: one she created for distance learning, where students are asked to reflect on the current realities, and another that uses Centropa’s Survival in Sarajevo film to focus on social justice.

18:00 CET

Innovative student projects from our Youth competitions - presented by the students who made them. Followed by Q&A with the students.

- A graphic novel on Centropa biographies

- A student film on "My town's Jewish history", followed by discussion with the students from Chisinau, Moldova 

- Milton Wolf Civic Advocacy Project 

18:45 CET

Closing remarks; the Virtual CSA ends.

Border Jumping Project - Program schedule

July 2, 17:00 CET:

an initial Zoom call with participants to get to know one another

July 2-6:

partners (groups of 2 or 3, no more) will be assigned based on your answers to the below questions, as well as the grades and subjects you teach; each group will be assigned a mentor, a Centropa teacher experienced in creating Centropa cross-cultural projects

July 9-15:

meet at least twice via videoconference with your partner(s), and at least once with your mentor, and email daily to maintain communication and stay on task

July 15, 17:00 CET:

present your lesson on a Zoom meeting with all participants

July 17:

send your lesson (formatted according to our guidelines) to Centropa staff

July 17-December 15:

touch base with mentor, implement the lesson with your students; Centropa staff
is always available to assist and help troubleshoot

December 15:

submit photos of project (from both/all classes) and student work, indicate whether you are interested in being considered for a trip to Vienna for the 2021 Summer Academy

Cross-cultural Experiences

Collaborate with a teacher from another country to design a cross-cultural project for next year. We will fly those who produce the strongest lesson, and teach it by December 15, 2020, to next year’s CSA in Vienna.


Participation limited to 30 and you must register by June 30, 2020, for this part of the virtual CSA.

Centropa Resources


Database of Photographs

Screenshot 2020-06-22 at 19.01.19.png

Multimedia Films

Screenshot 2020-06-22 at 19.02.31.png

Theme-based Websites


Edward Serotta

A filmed tour of Vienna led

by Edward Serotta (Coming soon)


Online tours of Vienna's



Virtual tours of Vienna's

historic sites

Marketplace of Classroom Learning: Teachers presenting their best lessons


Brittany Brown


Lowell Blackman

Liz Good.jpeg

Liz Good


Siniša Vukadinovic


Email Lauren Granite at or Bori Pal at

for both the core and optional programs.

Deadlines for registering:

Border Jumping Program: June 30, 2020

Main program: July 5, 2020

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