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Lesson Plans

Classroom tested lesson plans

for you to use

We know these lesson plans work because Centropa teachers—just like you—have used them.




As teachers, many of us abide by the rule, “any good idea that’s not nailed down is mine!” And with that in mind, we have some great projects to share with to you, all of which Centropa teachers have used in class, and found that they have turned the lights on in their kids’ eyes, gotten those hands raised, and sent them running to create their own projects.

Courageous People Project

A cross-cultural project where students work on the questions of “what is an act of moral courage” and “what is required to act courageously.” They explore the past and the present to discover courageous acts and/or courageous people.

About the teachers:

Nance teaches Judaics in a private Jewish school in Seattle; Brittany teaches English language arts in a public school in Greensboro, and Kirstin teaches English, German and Mediation in a comprehensive school in Bonn, Germany.

The Together Project

In this multilayered, cross-cultural project, students explore minorities in each of their cultures, and stereotypes about them, and in the process learn about one another, about minorities in their own cultures, and about minorities in other cultures. Discussions via Skype and Edmodo allow them to share what they are learning and their insights.

About the teachers:

Jeff Ellison teaches history in a private Jewish school in Chicago; Branka Dimenvskateaches history and civics in a public school in Skopje, North Macedonia

Beyond Boundaries

Designed for a US history unit on the Civil War and Reconstruction, Specifically, the economic, political and social tension that ensued between the North and South throughout the mid to late 1800s. Though the harsh realities of the Bosnian War occurred over one hundred years later, Jerome Price pushed his historians to draw connections to the concepts of change and unity beyond difference. In our current unit, the essential question my students wrestle with is “At what point should people fight to defend deeply held beliefs?” This question directly addresses the humanity and conviction of La Benevolencija.

About the teacher:

Jerome Price, an award-winning history teacher in Rockville, Maryland.

Why study history?

This lesson is a terrific introduction to any history course, exploring why it’s important to study history—especially for those students who see no connection between history and their own lives.

About the teacher:

Anthony Ludwig teaches history and social studies in Charleston, South Carolina

Elective Lesson Plans CSA 2019

Each CSA participant chose one topic to focus on during our time in Berlin, and almost every day they had time to work together in small groups or individually to create lessons and projects about that topic using the Centropa database and films, the German Jewish Source Book, and anything they learned while in Berlin. 

Teaching the Holocaust

in the 21st Century

Being Courageous?!
Daniel Boyce, Christian Malik, Evangelia Mitsopoulou, Markus Freundorfer
Download lesson: Being Courageous

Images and Empathy
Rachel Silton, Taylor Stern, Amy Leserman
Download lesson: Images and Empathy

Courage as a personal choice
Jamie Carus, Anastasiia Belyaeva, Marina Konstantinova, Anastasiia Troitski
Download lesson: Courage as a Personal Choice

“Should I be Worried?” Holocaust Precursors vs. Modern Events
Mark Hoffman, Monika Anuszkiewicz, Ron Weitman, Magdalena Płoszaj
Download lesson: Should I be worried?

A Friend in need is a Friend Indeed!
Gülben Güngör, Hristina Miteva Tanaskoska, Laura Allen, Maja Stojanovska
Download lesson: A friend in need is a friend indeed

Righteous among the Nations

and Civil Courage

To be or not to be… Righteous
Eszter Minich, María Eugenia Zelaya
Download lesson: To be or not to be righteous

Stand up for what is right
Nirit Neeman, Anna Janssen, Olga Gkouma, Jorge Gomez
Download lesson: Stand up for what is right

What is moral integrity?
Taci Allen, Angelica McDonald, LaPrecious Polk
Download lesson: What is moral integrity?

When do you put your life on the line to help others?
Dragana Benić, Marta Mišković, Siniša Vukadinović
Download lesson: When do you put your life on the line to help others?



Rightous Among the Nations
David Castillo, Megan Kelly
Download lesson: Righteous Among the Nations


The Kindertransport

Broken life – New life
Imre Salga, Adi Vayngarten, Danijela Zekusic
Download lesson: Broken life – new life

Childhood now and in the past
Julie Kennedy, Inna Kurochka, Maja Lukic, Michal Pozin-Gabai, Efsevia Chalvatzi
Download lesson: Childhood now and in the Past

Shaping Identity
Caryn Weingast, Andrea Sertic, Andy Schuh, Lena Soltendieck, Roni Baron
Download lesson: Shaping Identity

1989: The collapse of communism

and the rise of civil society

Borders and Bridges reflective thoughts
Melissa Yarborough
Download lesson: Borders and Bridges Reflective Thoughts

A new challenge – the fall of Communism
Dmytro Bekas, Felicia Godinez, Amikam Peled
Download lesson: A New Challenge- The Fall of Communism

Borders and Bridges reflective thoughts
Alana Marshall
Download lesson: Marshall -Borders and Bridges Reflective Thoughts

Borders and Bridges: Human Rights and The Fall of Communism
Ellen Davis
Download lesson: Davis – Borders and Bridges Human Rights and The Fall of Communism

Escape from Prague
Britanny Brown, Charikleia Stefani
Download lesson: Escape from Prague

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